Repair Process

We want to explain the collision repair process to you, and let you know what you can expect once you have contacted or been in contact by the insurance company regarding your claim.

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step 1 - disassembly and inspection

  • Bring in the vehicle to the repair facility along with any corresponding documentation regarding your claim
  • We then take photos and begin disassembling your vehicle to remove any broken or damaged parts so that we may see the total extent of the damage from the collision
  • We then order parts based on your vehicle's specifications and needs pertaining to the wreck
  • Your vehicle gets assigned out to a auto body technician to start the necessary repairs



step 2 - Body repair

  • The auto body technician cross checks the parts to the work order to make sure everything is here and ready to begin and proceed with the repairs
  • All frame work is measured and completed to guarantee fit of the new replacement parts
  • All dents are pulled out and filled accordingly to industry specifications using only the finest 3m materials
  • Worked areas are then primed, sanded, and final blocked
Auto Refinishing.png

step 3 - paint repair

  • Vehicle is washed, scuffed, and final sanded
  • We then blow off the prepped areas to apply tape and masking paper to avoid overspray on the vehicle
  • The paint technician then begins the painting process in one of our two downdraft Accudraft paint booths applying two coats of Axalta formerly known as Dupont base coat and three coats of Axalta clear coat
  • Once the painting has been completed we remove all tape and masking paper and inspect for trash and/or blemishes
  • Finally we buff out with high quality compound any imperfections to leave a flawless refinish on your vehicle
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step 4 - reassembly, detail, final inspection

  • Vehicle is pulled back to the auto body technician to reassemble the vehicle
  • Once assembled we then perform the two wheel or four wheel alignment on your vehicle if necessary (meaning simply if it had suspension damage pertaining to the accident)
  • Vehicle moves into the wash bay for full cleanup and detail to get the vehicle back looking as good or better than it did before the wreck occurred
  • Lastly we pull the vehicle out front to give it a rigorous inspection cross checked by the work order checking things such as: color match, gap alignment, headlight alignment, all mechanical components, fluid levels, and drivability of the car