payments & deductibles:

  1. We accept Cash/ Checks/ and all Major Credit Cards
  2. Deductibles and final payments from the insurance company of your claim is required to be able to pickup your vehicle once the repairs are completed.  We do not except partial payments or make exceptions.
  3. We do not have a credit system in place and do not have payment plans.

we do not save deductibles on repairs to your vehicle.  there are many reasons behind this.... 

  1. Conspiring to save someone's deductibles is not ethical, nor is it legal to do so.
  2. If customers want the auto body shop to inflate a estimate to hide or make the deductible go away likely the insurance adjusters, desk reviewers, or auditors will know, and they will be able to tell that the repairs do not add up to the costs provided on the inflated estimate.  Doing this also causes serious distrust among everyone involved- the insurance company, shop, and consumer as well.
  3. More often than not, whenever a deductible is saved it means something isn't being done to the vehicle that should have been.  Such as: repairs not fully being completed, parts being left off of the vehicle, inferior parts being used instead of what has been written and figured on the existing estimate.